Chinese poetry: versions by Rexroth

Chinese poetry: versions by Rexroth
* 1956: Rexroth's 100 from the Chinese.
* 1970: Rexroth's 100 More from the Chinese.
* Time Line.

Rexroth's One Hundred Poems From The Chinese

Rexroth's One Hundred More Poems From The Chinese

Time Line

T'ang Dynasty early portion: 'Renaissance'.

Wang Wei, who "was with Li Po and Tu Fu one of the greatest poets of the reign of Emperor Hsuan Tsung.

The poet Tu Fu.

The poet Li Shang Yin, "the greatest T'ang poet after Po Chu I". However, Rexroth writes in Po Chu I's biographical note: "Po Chu I (772-846) is generally considered, with Li Po, Wang Wei, Tu Fu, one of the four leading poets of the T'ang Dynasty.

Sung Dynasty: 'Mainstream renewal'.

The poet Mei Yao Ch'en.

The poet Ou Yang Hsiu. Excelled at prose poetry. A politician and historian.

The poet Su Tung P'o. Of the scholar gentry (Confucianist), he opposed centralization of power forced by the reformer Wang An Shih: "one of China's very greatest poets" [p. xii].

The woman poet Li Ch'ing Chao, said by Rexroth to be "China's greatest poet of any period".

The poet Lu Yu was "the least classical of the major Sung poets".

Chu Hsi is "the great philosopher and historian, founder of Sung Neo-Confucianism".

About 1200
Hsu Chao.

About 1200
Chu Shu Chen, a woman poet: "Nothing definite is known about her".

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