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Ariadne Unst.
Ariadne Unst is a poetry lover, originally from the Shetland Islands. She also writes reviews of humorists' performances, as in her essay on Lynda Barry - Cartoonist, Novelist, and Filipina Redhead, and other reviews, as in Lynda Barry - What It Is. Ariadne has travelled in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Peru, Japan, Thailand, Nepal, Tibet, Greece, Romania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Norway, and Liechtenstein.
(Updated 2008).

Gary Young.
Gary Young, husband and father of two, is a master letterpress printer, longtime teacher, and much-collected visual artist. Widely published, he is the author of several collections of poems: No Other Life, Hands, The Dream of a Moral Life, Days, and Braver Deeds, which won the 1999 Peregrine Smith Poetry Prize. He has been awarded many prizes as well as fellowships from both the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and the National Endowment for the Humanities; in November 2002, he was awarded an NEA grant for poetry for a second time. Gary contributed "The Books That Should Be Written", his meditation on poetry, printing, and language touched by grace.
* No Other Life: Poems
by Gary Young.
One of Gary's luminous collection of prose poem.
(Updated 2003).

J. Zimmerman.
J. Zimmerman grew up in rural England. She has worked in physics, limnology, archaeology, biomedicine, computing, and radio engineering. She is a published poet of haiku and other poems. A past winner of the Mary Lonnberg Smith Poetry Award, she was teaching assistant at the 2002 Writing For The Trees workshop. She is an enthusiast of exercise for the portly: Calorie Karma. And she is a critic of those who attempt to silence the American Voice: White House Fears Poetry.
(Updated 2003).

Katsuhiko Momoi.
Katsuhiko Momoi is a professional linguist who is currently the Netscape Senior International Manager (Web Standards/Developer Support). Born in Japan, he has loved haiku since his early teens and occasionally writes in the form. He contributed information on syllables to our essay on haiku.
(Updated 2003).

Len Anderson.
Len Anderson is a poet and physicist, who lives in Santa Cruz, California. His work has recently appeared in DMQ Review, The Montserrat Review, and The Sand Hill Review. He is a winner of the Dragonfly Press Poetry Competition and the Mary Lonnberg Smith Poetry Award, and has a ghazal nominated for a Pushcart Prize. He is a co-founder of both Poetry Santa Cruz and Hummingbird Press. See our review of Affection for the Unknowable, Len's first book of poems, published in 2003 by Hummingbird Press. Len contributed an essay on the ghazal and one of his own published ghazals.
* Affection for the Unknowable by Len Anderson.
(Updated 2003).

Phil Wagner.
Phil Wagner is a co-founder of Poetry Santa Cruz. He contributed to How to Listen to Poetry.
(Updated 2002).

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