Haiku of Marianna Monaco
(first published in Modern Haiku, Mariposa, Frogpond, Woodnotes, Acorn, Geppo, etc.)

A selection of Haiku by Marianna Monaco:
best of the best from her 26 October 2008 reading to
HPNC (Haiku Poets of Northern California)

              bifocals —
              the double pleasure              
              of seeing you again

  what to hold on to   
  what to let go —
  moving day

   yesterday's words
   dark along the edges   
   of my eraser

    spring cleaning —
    as I empty the brass bowl    
    it fills with sound

    autumn sunset . . .
    upended by the tide
    the crab's hollow shell    

      stalled at the crossroad —      
      shadows deepen the dents
      on the old Volkswagen

        unmoved by the wind
                       in the tulips    

  executive meeting —  
  erotic doodles
  on her notepad      

  home from the office
  shoulder pads drooping      

  after calling in sick  
  I suddenly feel
  so much better      

   amid such order
   in the cornfield   

   acorn woodpeckers:   
   how to explain
   my filing system 

    the table set
    with heirloom china —    
    winter moon

    mystery story
    marking my place
    with wildflowers    

    all night long
    the porch light warming    
    the swallow's nest

   seaside motel room —
   a list of hurricane names   
   tucked into the bible  

   spaghetti steaming
   in the shattered bowl   

   street by street
   the streetsweeper   
   sweeping  rain   

   a city parking space
   appears and disappears   
   in fog 

    light from the doorway    
    spills into the night

   wild geese:
   beat of my heart   
   in its cage  

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