Poetry and Writings of haiku teacher Patricia Donegan

Patricia Donegan's Haiku Mind: 108 Poems to Cultivate Awareness and Open your Heart

A very inspiring book, laid out in 108 2-page sections, which can be read over 108 days and can inspire your own writing.

Each section contains a poem by a poet (usually North American, Japanese, or European), men and women, living and from centuries ago. For each poem Donegan gives a page of thoughts on a theme inspired by the poem, and then a paragraph's biography on the poet.

Her comments on the teacher-student relationships among the poets is illuminating. In particular one can work out Donegan's lineage: she studied in Japan under Seishi Yamaguchi (1901-1994; Donegan p.101-102):

who studied under Takahama Kiyoshi (1874-1959; Donegan p. 99-100):

who was one of the main students of the Masaoka Shiki (1867-1902; Donegan p. 59-60):

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