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The Geppo magazine:

Sample comment from the Geppo magazine:

The following is a comment in the November/December Geppo on this haiku by J. Zimmerman:

  Summer heat —
  the sous-chef and the chocolate
  out of temper
                  (Geppo, November/December 2008)

This haiku was selected anonymously for comment by haijin Patricia J. Machmiller (whose Blush of Winter Moon was published by Jacaranda Press in July 2001). She wrote:

Perfect — this haiku is like chocolate — a perfection of tone, kigo, and wit. The poet has matched the kigo with the perfect image. The heat of summer, its wilting quality — wilting of the spirit, of the physical being — both chocolate and chef — could not more accurately depict the feeling of a hot summer day. The touch of the writing is light, but true. The image has the perfect balance (like good chocolate), the right feel (sticky), the right tone (elegant tongue-in-cheek).

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