Nectar Untouched (2011), Ichi Tanka Gang first chapbook: Tanka of Peggy Heinrich, J. Zimmerman, and Patrick Gallagher

Features of Nectar Untouched (2011)

Tanka by Peggy Heinrich, J. Zimmerman, and Patrick Gallagher

A collection of new and selected tanka from one tanka collective, the Ichi Tanka Gang, whose works (particularly those of the experienced and highly regarded Peggy Heinrich) have been widely published.

A sample poem by each poet is below:

A favorite of Peggy Heinrich:

   last summer
   we laughed at long shadows
   cast by small stones —   
   I no longer smile
   at dark shapes on sand

           [First published in Time Haiku,
            Tanka Pool, number 32, August 2010]   

A favorite of J. Zimmerman:

   The agility 
   of the falcon alighting 
   on my fist, then
   as she steps into the sky 
   my moment of envy
           [First published in 
            Ribbons Tanka Café, 2010] 

A favorite of Patrick Gallagher:

   this carnival
   by far the grandest on Earth   
   it came so quickly
   being queued up
   for the last ride

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