Poetry and prose by Karl Jay Shapiro

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Poetry of Karl Jay Shapiro

Prose of Karl Jay Shapiro

Essays critical of Eliot, Pound, Yeats, and Auden, and enthusiastic of William Carlos Williams, Dylan Thomas, and Henry Miller.

From Shapiro's Foreword:
"The political simple-mindedness and viciousness of the great trio of Pound, Eliot and Yeats incriminate the Academy and the literary establishment which have the touchstones of our age. ... These essays do not follow a chronology but describe roughly the military evolutions of modern poetry, the bastions of the Trio, assaults upon the towers and their occupations, the comings and going of the ambassador Auden, Dylan Thomas (the troubadour in the kitchen), the burning of Whitman at the stake, the Tom O'Bedlam antics of Henry Miller, the heroics of Williams, down through the witchcraft of the psychologists and the rise of the rabble poets. ... Instead of poetry as the essence and culmination of the poet, we look at poetry as a by-product or excrescence of his behavior."

and "Strip away from the twentieth-century poetry all the sociology and all the politics, and see what is left. Precious little, perhaps, but yet something to conjure with and something our descendants will remember us by."


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