The Best American Poetry 2005
Guest Editor Paul Muldoon
Series Editor David Lehman

* David Lehman's Introductory Essay. * Poets. * First publication for poems.

Introductory Essays to
The Best American Poetry 2005

The Best American Poetry 2005 begins with an essay by the series editor, David Lehman, introducing this year's guest editor, Paul Muldoon.

David Lehman:

Paul Muldoon:

In his brief (three-page) 2005 introductory essay: Muldoon says that the editing of the anthology was a chore though it developed into "a cherishing of the heart of American poetry". So let us leave him in that place of sideways condescension.

How much more interesting is the essay by Billy Collins for The Best American Poetry: 2006.

Poets of
The Best American Poetry 2005.

This collection is edited by Paul Muldoon.

Of the 75 poets whose work is included, we have web pages on:

Some of Muldoon's choices have a clever trick to them that makes them Muldonish: Example include:

A large number are surreal.

First publication for poems of
The Best American Poetry 2005.

Acknowledges first publications in:

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Links and Books.

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