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Poetic Rhythm
comments by Ariadne Unst.

Poetic Rhythm: An Introduction (1995)
by Derek Attridge



  1. The rhythms of poetry: a first approach.
  2. The rhythms of spoken English.
  3. Dancing language. Introduces how languages becomes metrical. Focuses on the four-beat version of meter.
  4. Stress verse and strong-stress verse: counting the beats. [ "stress meter, the most common type of English meter outside the literary canon."]
  5. Syllable-stress verse: versatility and variation.
  6. Major types of syllable-stress verse.
  7. Free verse: metrical and rhythmic analysis.
  8. Phrasal movement. [Indebtednes to Cureton is clearly credited.]


  1. Scansion: scanning poetry; single-line scansion; double-line scansion.
  2. Glossary.
  3. Sources of examples.
  4. Suggested responses to the exercises. [ * How terrific of Attridge to include this section! * ]

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