Lynda Barry – Cartoonist, Novelist, and Filipina Redhead:
Her Books

by Ariadne Unst.

Great cartoon books by Lynda Barry:

Buy One Hundred Demons by Lynda Barry One Hundred Demons by Lynda Barry.
The latest!!!! A treat to see her art evolve in new voices, leading to this beautiful, all-color book of heart-breaking cartoon stories.

Includes collages by Lynda between the strips. The foreword explains the origin of the 100 Demons idea. In her afterword, Lynda describes the materials and methods she used in creating the strips. Plus, this book could save your life - read about the Aswang!

This partly autobiographical display of memories and emotions portrays the life of a misfit growing up, and how that experience continues into adulthood. Plus, read it to learn how to smoke like a Filipina grandmother!

Buy The! Greatest! of! Marlys! by Lynda Barry The! Greatest! of! Marlys! by Lynda Barry.
Endearing, hilarious, and touching, the life of goofy and creative pre-teen Marlys, with her sister, freaky brother, and cousins. The messy excitement of adolescence in the best (or Greatest!) of selected cartoons from 1986-2000.

A guidebook on how a sweet exhuberant child can thrive, even in a classically dysfunctional family. This work of comic art helps us understand the poignant pains of childhood while celebrating its hilarities. comic and ironic edge Marlys and friends take you by the hand into the trauma and celebration of being a child.

The Freddie Stories by Lynda Barry The Freddie Stories by Lynda Barry.
Lynda's powerful mixture of fun and heartbreak brings us a beautiful and moving narrative cartoon book.

Creative white-trash Freddie stumbles and crashes through his frightening universe, with little stability except for Marlys, whose acceptance and common sense and delighted humor keep him alive. This book blends grief and hilarity, pain with love and joy.

The Extraordinary Novels by Lynda Barry:

Buy Cruddy by Lynda Barry Cruddy by Lynda Barry.
An illustrated novel that is engaging and harrowing. This is an extremely dark and weird and funny book.

Sad, freaky, violent, and compelling. Much bleaker than Lynda's cartoon books.

The misfit narrator, Roberta, tells the horrendous tale of her cross-country trip (5 years before) with her murderous father, who makes her pretend she's a mentally deficient boy. In the present, 1971, Roberta hangs out with a group of drugged and confused teenagers, and the story interweaves the present and the past.

Buy The Good Times Are Killing Me by Lynda Barry The Good Times Are Killing Me by Lynda Barry.
A funny and sad book of memories and stories of the richness and complexity of life as a child. If you like Cruddy, this is for you. Moving and realistic portrayal of the joys and fears of the young.

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